Wireless joystick for Amiga/C64/Other:


Soon: First units to beta testers.
2016-12-05: Prototypes done, working. SW needs improvement.

What is it?:

The system consists of a base board (receiver) and a number of transmitters (usually two), either internal for mounting internally in a joystick (will be plug and play for Tac2) or an external transmitter for any joystick. The transmitters are powered by a CR2032 that will last for years(?).

The base board has two DB9F that connects to both joystick ports of an Amiga, C64 or other computer with the Atari style DB9F-joystick ports. Plan is that the board should also be able to connect to a PC via micro-USB to be able to use the joysticks wireless against an emulator running on the PC. Possible features include autofire, joystick swap, one joystick to both ports, two joysticks to one port and the ability to make an Amiga-mouse wireless in the future.

Buy a kit/board

Price (without shipping):

Kit (base+two transmitters): $TBD
Base: $TBD
Internal transmitter: $TBD
External transmitter: $TBD

Worldwide postage: $TBD


Contact me at: mikael(at)chroma.se