USB Servo board, Version 1:


2014-11-16 Manual updated with boot loading instructions and how to resolve possible Windows driver issues.
2014-03-09 Got Optiboot working on board, see manual for details.
2013-07-09 Released software, see below
2013-05-07 Released manual, see below

What is it?:

It's a small board that connects to a Raspberry Pi or PC/MAC and allows you to control up to eight RC servos (or ESCs) via an USB serialport. The commands are simple ASCII. Of course this SW will also be open source. The serial ASCII protocol is the same as for the other servo boards.

If you are into AVR-programming you can reprogram the little MCU on the USB Servo board and make the card do whatever you like. Maybe read 6 temperature sensors and send the values as ASCII on the serial port? It now also comes with Optiboot preinstalled (same as Arduino boards). No extra hardware needed to put in new firmware

The card also has a 8 pin connector (unmounted) that exposes 6 GPIO-pins of the ATmega8 CPU, +5V and GND. There are experimental support to use them as as digital output controlled via a serial command. If you want to make your own firmware the pins is also the ATmega8s I2C lines (2 pins) and SPI (4 pins).

Buy a card

$20 for a complete card.
Postage to Sweden is $1, Europe and rest of the world is $2.


2014-11-16 New Manual with boot load instructions
2013-07-09 Software
2013-05-07 Old Manual
2013-05-07 Example C-code to drive the servo board from RPi.

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